The Joint Project by Spear Health Foundation
September 12, 2016
Life-changing surgery at Groote Schuur
May 3, 2018

Joint surgery day at Groote Schuur Hospital

Groote Schuur Hospital hosted The Joint Project; which assisted three patients who were in need of knee and hip joint replacement surgery. This initiative was set up three years ago by the Spear Health Foundation in a direct effort to address the government’s growing waiting lists for joint replacement surgeries. The foundation is run by grant donations from the private sector and individuals who wish to assist.

The Joint Project were able to assist these patients with their surgeries, with the help of a product donation by advance medical technology company; Smith & Nephew who donated the LEGION Total Knee System and ANTHOLOGY™ Stem with R3™ Acetabular Cup & OXINIUM™ femoral head for the procedures.

“The surgeries demonstrates the positive impact that can be made when the private and public sector join forces. Government hospitals and their faculty boards cannot solve the challenge on their own; neither can the private sector. But our foundation is able to join these forces, and together address the challenge,” said the foundation’s CEO, Ms Hélène Rossouw.

The three beneficiaries are Mrs. Sharifa Adonis of Crawford, Ms. Vandi Werth of Parow, and Mr. Paul Janse van Rensburg of Bellville.

After completion of the surgery, they spent the night in intensive care, and started their physiotherapy. Physiotherapy plays a significant role in the recovery time and the patient’s ability to walk normally again. These patients will undergo intense physiotherapy for two to three months post operation, at which time they should be able to lead normal lives.

Chairperson of the hospital facility board, Dr. Zameer Brey, said “The Groote Schuur Hospital Facility Board is extremely pleased to collaborate with the Spear Health Foundation on The Joint Project. Any assistance which is able to help relieve the strain on the public health waiting lists is most welcome.”

Through the additional funding, The Joint Project also allows surgeons-in-training the exposure to joint surgeries. Surgeons-in-training need to do at least 40 joint surgeries towards their surgery qualification. In this manner, The Joint Project also addresses the challenge of qualifying doctors for medical practice. Smith & Nephew’s Director of Professional Education for the Africa Region, Mr. Ray Buthelezi, said that they were delighted to be involved in a project that is assisting medical education.

In the Western Cape the waiting list stands at 4000, and in the country estimated at 35 000. Through The Joint Project we want to create the capacity to assist with more joint surgeries, and invite potential funders to join our cause.

In order to reach our goal of hosting one theatre day per month, Spear Health needs more funders to join hands for The Joint Project, and invites corporations or individuals to contact us for this cause.

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