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In our experience there is significant interest, willingness and goodwill to contribute to the social welfare of our country. There is however, a lack of trustworthy and reliable structures and institutions to ensure the proper expenditure of social investment contributions towards the intended beneficiaries: vulnerable societies who are not provided for by the State budget. International and national research amongst the private sector has indicated the need for an independent institution through which donations and / or commercial transactions between the private sector and the State can be facilitated and structured. By the same token there is a gap for the facilitation of contributions and donations to vulnerable individuals and or - communities without necessarily doing so through the State, in other words an institution that would alleviate the State’s burden in this regard. Similarly, the private sector requires a medium to transact or partner with the State and to do so often requires an independent structure through which this can be facilitated. There are a myriad of commercial business opportunities with the State, but also a series of state services in dire need for private partnership or contribution to enhance the state's service delivery ability, or direct investment, which alleviates the State's burden regarding service delivery. Spear Health Foundation, as an independent structure, incorporated as a Section 21 Company, governed by a Board of Directors is the perfect vehicle to facilitate the business relationship between the private sector and the State and to manage the effective utilization and social investment of monetary contributions to the State. Those from the private sector, who are keen to transact with the State or to contribute to the social upliftment opportunities, will find the Organization an ideal partner institution to reach this goal.


Creating access to medical services

To ensure that Spear Health Foundation succeeds in saving lives, creating opportunities for a decent existence and enhancing the quality of life to vulnerable people and societies unable to provide for themselves.
This will be achieved through facilitating partnerships and transacting and soliciting donations by non-state institutions, commerce and the private sector to alleviate the State's service delivery burden, and ultimately enhance the State's service delivery ability.


Facilitate a health economy

To establish a respectful, trustworthy, effective and accountable institution to liaise and facilitate business and social investments and contributions from the private and non-state sector, directly or through the State, to the benefit of vulnerable people and societies in the Western Cape and South Africa.

Services we offer


The private sector is invited to contact the Organization for any partnership they wish to explore with the State in any sphere of Government (Local, Provincial or National Government).


There are many opportunities to transact with the State. You are invited to discuss the potential to realize these with the Organization.

Patients / Learners / Beneficiaries

There are life threatening conditions requiring services that the State cannot render to all of those who require it and who die as a consequence. These are the vulnerable communities and individuals, and this is the space offering the opportunity to donors to invest in these specific services at negotiated reduced tariffs in the private sector, giving patients the opportunity to stay alive. These procedures can include renal dialysis, oncology, surgery and implants or procedures to enhance quality of life and creating opportunity for a better life through orthopedics (prosthesis implants), cataract procedures, hearing aids, reading glasses and dental treatment. There are a myriad similar opportunities available in the provision of school uniforms, sport equipment, educational goods, books and electronic equipment.

Donations / Contributions / Social Investment

The private sector is keen and willing to assist the State with its social commitments but often requires a reliable and reputable institution to ensure that their contributions are utilized as intended and in a transparent and accountable manner. Whatever transaction or service is undertaken by the Organization, the client will receive regular report updates regarding the investment and its effect to ensure that the value of the contribution can be measured and monitored over time and to ensure appropriate recognition and valuable media coverage, if so required.

Potential Projects

There is an array of potential marketing and advertising opportunities through naming, recognition, advertisements, and more to specific state facilities, more specifically property that belongs to the state – schools, hospitals and clinics, mobile clinics, libraries, museums, vehicles, equipment, or components of facilities - classrooms, wards, equipment, projects.

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